Surviving Siberia

Today is World Mental Health Day. So this one is for everyone. Because everyone needs to (and should be) looking after their mental health.   It’s also - selfishly - for me. Practise what you preach, Katharine. As I write this, I am up to my waist in ice and snow. I can barely feel... Continue Reading →

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“Our doubts are traitors”

The perceptive amongst you may have noticed I haven't written in a while. My post about how to survive Siberia - ironically - plunged me into a battle with my anxiety the likes of which I've never encountered before. It's having such a physical toll on me, that I went to hospital to have my... Continue Reading →

Another day, another Katharine Does Holbein. I’ve had this portrait saved for a while, but couldn’t quite get my head round how to create it. Until I woke up this morning and thought: CYCLING SHORTS. I literally rolled out of bed and right into this portrait. And I think it may be one of my... Continue Reading →


As someone (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) very tactfully pointed out: “there’s no point hiding your middle-class life”... So. I’m going a bit off the beaten track with this post. Ultimately, it does come back to acting and my experience as an actor. But I’m going to start from the very seeeeeds of it. Being... Continue Reading →

I. Am. Awkward.

Right. I spilt tea on myself today. For the second time this week. I’ll tell you why this is important: because every so often I like to have this image of myself as a powerful, alluring, put-together young woman. Earlier today, I was walking to the library (SHUT UP) and noticed some rain clouds overhead.... Continue Reading →

How To Answer Strange Questions

Is it just me, or do actors spend a lot of time dodging strange questions? Whether it’s “isn’t acting a piss-easy job?” or “Scarlett Johansson, what size dress are you wearing?” Now (SHOCK REVEAL), I am certainly no Scarlett Johansson. But as soon as anyone finds out that I sometimes do a bit of acting,... Continue Reading →

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